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Altitude Sickness

Medication for relieving symptoms of Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness occurs when a person travels to great heights without gradually acclimatizing. It most commonly occurs at 8,000 feet or higher and results from a lack of oxygen. Altitude sickness is additionally referred to as acute altitude sickness, altitudesickness, hypobaropathy, Acosta disease, Puna, and Soroche.The condition usually occurs at altitudes above 8,000 feet (feet) or 2,500 meters (m) andis generally due to a lack of oxygen. A person who is not used to high altitudes is atgreater risk of developing altitude sickness. The condition should not be taken lightly andcan lead to severe complications.

What Are the Symptoms of Altitude Sickness?

The Symptoms of altitude sickness include Loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, Fatigue or weakness, Dizziness, Insomnia, Tingling, Shortness of breath when exercising, Drowsiness, and Swelling of hands, feet, and face.

Types of Altitude Sickness:

There are types of Altitude Sickness: Chronic mountain illness, to boot cited as Monge's disease, develops when somebody spends protracted-time lodging at excessive altitudes.Chronic mountain illness is not an unusual place in many cultures throughout the globe. In contrast, acute altitude illness occurs in a far shorter time frame. A man or woman mayalso revel in critical altitude illness at any factor 1 to five days after ascending above8,000 ft. acute altitude health problems may additionally grow to be additional intense conditions, inclusive of excessive-altitude cerebral hydrops and excessive-altitude pulmonic edema.

What Are the Treatments for Altitude Sickness?

Some capacity remedies can cause treatment altitude sickness. These consist of Descending, Pure oxygen, A Gamow bag, Painkillers, Acetazolamide, Dexamethasone, and Nifedipine. One must take medications, as there is some medicine for sale available on the online platforms of pharmacies.


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