Get to Know About Narcolepsy Now!

It is a chronic sleep disorder that causes overwhelming daytime drowsiness. The cause of Narcolepsy isn't well understood, but it may involve genetic factors and also have abnormal signaling in the brain. They must buy medicine online, which is required for Narcolepsy.

Some Major Characteristics of Narcolepsy:

People having Narcolepsy may have other sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, which is a condition in which breathing starts and stops throughout the night, have restless legs' syndrome, and even get insomnia. They should order medicine online to get free from Narcolepsy. Some people with narcolepsy experience automatic behavior during some brief episodes of Narcolepsy. For example, one may fall asleep while performing a task, such as writing, typing something, or driving a car, and some may continue to perform this kind of task while being asleep. When they awaken, they really can't remember what they were doing, and probably they didn't do it well.

Few signs of Narcolepsy:

Excessive daytime sleepiness is usually the first symptom to appear, and it is often the most troublesome, making it difficult to concentrate and fully function. Cataplexy is uncontrollable, and it is often triggered by intense emotions, usually positive ones such as laughter or excitement, fear, surprise, or anger.People with Narcolepsy often transit quickly to rapid eye movement sleep, usually
within 15 minutes of falling asleep.

Few risk factors which must not be overlooked:

There are only a few known risk factors for people suffering from Narcolepsy, including:

Age: Narcolepsy typically begins in people between the age of 10 to 30 years old.
Family history: The risk of Narcolepsy is 20 to 40 times higher if they have a family member who has Narcolepsy. 


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