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Know About Cilest Tablets

Cilest was a joint contraceptive pill, normally called ‘the pill’. It carries two hormones- oestrogen and progestogen. It was abandoned in July 2019 and is no longer accessible in the UK. Numerous women use Cilest to stop an undesired pregnancy, but it is also advised for women who have difficulties with specifically heavy, painful, and irregular periods.Using it daily results in lighter, less painful, and regular periods. Cilest is similar to other joint pills in that it contains 35 micrograms of ethinylestradiol and 250 micrograms of norgestimate. Lizinna adds these. You can order medicine online if you want.

How to Intake Cilest?

Cilest pills are offered in a calendar pack with says of the week. You intake one pill for 21 days at the same time daily and then take a seven days break.  During the break of seven days, you will mostly get a withdrawal bleed that is like your normal period. Start taking the pills after the seven days break are over, even when you are until now bleeding. You will be safeguarded against pregnancy in your break of seven days.

Where to Buy Medicine Online?

You can buy a wide range of over-the-counter medications at low prices online. Buy cilest tablets online for common ailments. Our website allows you to order medication online. We provide high-quality medications at a low cost. We do not abandon our customers in the middle of providing good services.


A joint pill like Cilest overrules your native menstrual cycle and job mostly by preventing your ovaries from freeing an egg every month. They also grow the thickness of the native mucus at the neck of the womb, creating it further hard for sperm to cross the vagina into the womb, also thinning the womb lining, creating it further hard for some flourishingly fertilized eggs to implant there.

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